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If you're ready to lose weight, a consultation from Dr. Atkins is, well, just what the doctor ordered.

With the Atkins Answer Weight Loss System, Dr. Atkins, the #1 best selling diet author, talks directly to the viewer and, in an entertaining and illustrative fashion, teaches his famous weight loss techniques. In the videos, Dr. Atkins shares his weight loss for life system and will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off forever! You'll also receive a diet manual that reviews and corrects food choices to ensure proper weight loss. It also lists a generous sampling of model breaksfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks – you'll learn what to eat and how much.

The Atkins Answer Weight Loss System features two videos and an instruction book. This basic package teaches the famous Atkins weight loss program so you can do the diet! The video lessons are fast, easy to understand, and powerfully effective! Now you can "visit" Dr. Atkins in his New York based Atkins Center and receive a professional consultation to help solve your weight and health challenges!

Product includes:

  • VIDEO 1: WHY IT WORKS. Understanding the Basics of Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss
  • VIDEO 2: HOW IT WORKS: The Simple Keys for Switching Your Body's Metabolism to Burn Fat Now!
  • INSTRUCTIONAL BOOK: Basic Diet Manual

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product. Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program or taking any nutritional supplements. Results may vary.

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