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Want tender and juicy chicken every time? The Blazin' Chicken Roaster makes cooking chicken a snap. The secret is the infusion cone that let's you add your favorite marinade, juice, beer, soda or wine for chicken that tastes like it has been marinated for hours! It's just three easy steps to a delicious homemade chicken meal.

Roasting a chicken has never been easier. Just fill the flavor well, place the chicken on the infusion cone and roast in the oven. Your chicken is infused with all the great flavors of your marinade while it cooks! The result is a succulent and tender chicken every time.

But that's not all, with the versatile Blazin' Chicken Roaster you can prepare all of your favorite recipes like marinated chicken, Barbeque Ribs and even a succulent leg of lamb!

Product includes:

  • Infusion Cone
  • Fat Catching Tray
  • Flavor Well and Recipe/Instruction Booklet

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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