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Working up a sweat has never felt better! Now you can have your very own private fitness guru helping you get the shape you want without you ever leaving your home.

Burn fat and tone your muscles simply by following along with the fitness instructors. Choose from our wide selection dvds and videos - Aerobics, Pilates, Fat Burning, Ab Trimming, Stretching and many more! So, what are you waiting for? Get in shape now!

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45min Fat Burning Workout
John Basedow shows you how to lose fat, increase energy and reshape your body with this awesome 45 min workout. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $31.95
8 Minute Abs & Buns
Get two great workouts for the price of one! Sculpt & flatten your stomach AND shape & tighten your buns.
Our Price: $19.95
  8 Minute Workouts
Get your abs, buns, legs and abs in the greatest shape ever with these awesome 8 minute workout routines.
Our Price: $19.95
Am/Pm Workouts With John Basedow
If you have no time to exercise then this video is you. Let John show you how to burn fat and tighten your muscles in as little as 15 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $31.95
Awesome Hour Upper Body Workout
Build a lean and muscular physique in no time at all. John Basedow shows you how with simple weight training exercises. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $31.95
  Ballet Sport
Ditch the gym membership and tone, shape and redefine you body!
Our Price: DVD - $59.95
Billy Blanks Boot Camp
Start getting the body you want in as little as 7 days with Billy's new fitness regimen! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $39.95
  Boot Camp Elite
Punch and kick your way to a better body with Billy Blanks! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $39.95
Body Flex Plus
A fantastic exercise program that allows you to work out while sitting down!
Our Price: DVD - 2 payments of $21.49
Cardio Pilates
Improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn off calories with this awesome Pilates workout.
Our Price: DVD - $14.98
Dance Remix with Patrick Goudeau
Patrick Goudeau's Dance Remix shows you just how easy it is to add dance moves to any cardio workout!
Our Price: $26.99
Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 lbs
Denise Austin helps you blast off unwanted weight and boost your metabolism through two fun workouts!
Our Price: $14.98
Denise Austin's Ultimate Fat Burner
Denise will keep your body challenged with a variety of short, all-out bursts of fun exercises!
Our Price: $14.98
Denise Austin's Pilates
America's favorite fitness expert has designed a series of workouts that lets you target specific areas of your body, all with a Pilates twist!
Our Price: $14.98
  Desk Workouts
Get into shape with quick and easy exercises you can do while sitting at your desk!
Our Price: $19.99
Dynametrics System
Let J.B. Burns teach you how to slim down and tone up without weights, fitness machines or props!
Our Price: $24.95
Fitness Made Simple
Get fast results and save wasted time as John helps you get the physique you want. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $31.95
Fitness Quick & Easy System
The Fitness Quick and Easy Sculpting and Toning System, which includes 7 great workouts on one jumbo-DVD or VHS!
Our Price: DVD - $29.95
High Voltage
High Voltage will get you out of your energy slump and into a more vigorous, healthy, happy life!
Our Price: $5.95
Imax 3 Dvd
Get your body in gear with this high-voltage, fast-paced workout!
Our Price: $26.99
Introduction to Yoga
A yoga workout that is truly geared for beginners, designed and led by renowned yoga instructor and fitness expert Evamarie Pilipuf.
Our Price: $16.99
Leslie Sansone's Short Cuts, 3-Pack
If you're short on time, let Leslie show you how to tone and shape your body in no time at all.
Our Price: $29.95
Lifestyle Series
Get 4 of the most popular fitness made simple workout videos and start reshaping your body today!
Our Price: DVD - $69.95
Lotte Berk Method
The low impact yet concentrated workout to get your muscles in optimum form!
Our Price: $49.95
Low Impact Body Sculpting
Burn fat, calories, and shape your buns and thighs while doing intense low impact step exercises!
Our Price: DVD - $22.99
  Martial Arts Training Videos
Martial Arts instructor Keith D Yates helps you develop your own fighting style.
Our Price: DVD - $30.00
  Martial Arts Tournament Training
Learn what it takes to be a Martial Arts tournament champion!
Our Price: DVD - $30.00
Perfect Martial Arts Workout
Unleash the "karate kid" inside you and tone up while you're at it! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $15.99
Pilates Bodyband Workout
Increase flexibility and coordination with the Pilates workout with Ana Caban!
Our Price: $29.98
Quick Start Pilates
Part of a well-planned weight loss regimen that includes sound nutritional advice that can help transform your body!
Our Price: $14.98
Quick Start Yoga
The diet-free Quick Start Yoga for Weightloss system is designed to get you started fast and easy with weight loss success!
Our Price: $14.98
Real Yoga With Alicia Goldsmith
Learn how to reshape your body and relieve tension with Alicia. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $19.99
Rehab Your Body
Help Rehab your body with seven great workouts using no weights or machines!
Our Price: $29.95
Richard Simmons' Disco Sweat
Who said disco was dead? Get a great workout exercising to the disco classics like 'disco inferno' and more!
Our Price: $14.95
Richard Simmons' Slimaway Everyday
Struggling to keep the extra weight off? Let Richard teach you the healthy habits for successfully keeping unwanted weight off. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $39.95
Six Pack Abs
Get lean, chiseled abs without the ab gadgets! Let John Basedow show you the blueprint for getting sexy, sculpted abs using a variety of exercises. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $31.95
Tae Bo Contact Complete
Billy does it again! Get the fitness results you want with pinpoint accuracy!
Our Price: $29.95
The Firm: 5 Day Abs
Get results fast with The Firm's proven exercise system!
Our Price: $9.95
The Firm: 5 Day Abs & Tough Tape 2
Achieve a fantastic abdominal workout plus a fat burning, muscle toning all body workout!
Our Price: $19.95
The Firm: Body Sculpt Blaster
Short on time? Blast your way to sculpted physique with exercise sessions as short as 30 minutes!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Body Sculpting System 3-Pack
Shape your body, sculpt your abs and strengthen you heart! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $49.95

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