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Pamper your hair with some of these amazing hair products just as featured on tv infomercials!

Losing your hair? Avacor can help. Want to make your hair thicker and stronger? Then try ProCede. Maybe you just want to get rid of split ends or simply get a hair cut right in the comfort of your own home. Whatever your hair needs, we have a hair care product that will make you proud of your beautiful head of hair.

Avacor Hair Care For Men
Combat hair loss with this revolutionary hair re-growth formulation made just for men.
Our Price: starting at $239.95
Avacor Hair Care For Women
Ladies also can fight hair loss with this forumulation specifically designed for females.
Our Price: starting at $239.95
The Hairagami is great for giving any long hair a fancy do!
Our Price: 14.99
Hair Made
Save time drying, styling or straightening your hair!
Our Price: 19.95
Quickly and easily straightens your hair with no need for blow drying. No more bad-hair days!
Our Price: $119.95
ProCede works on your own real hair, making it thicker and fuller with just one use every 90 days! Available with DVD or VHS.
Our Price: DVD - 3 payments of just $66.34
Split Ender
Safely trim split and damaged ends in one pass!
Our Price: $39.95
Split Ender Maxi Kits
Trim your split ends in one pass! Kit includes base stand, cleaning brush and more. Available in 4 different colors.
Our Price: $29.99
True Ceramic Pro
Damaging your hair is a thing of the past with this amazing ceramic iron.
Our Price: $119.00

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