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How would you like to have your own personal fitness instructor helping you get into shape? Well now you can!

You can have the top fitness experts in their field right in your own living room helping you build the body you want. Lose weight, get into shape, burn fat, and trim your abs faster than ever just by popping in the dvd or video and following along. It couldn't be easier!

Whether you're looking for aerobics instruction or a pilates workout, we have a fitness tape that's just right for you.

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The Firm: Body Sculpting 'System 3'
Take your workouts to a whole new level withe The Firm's System 3! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $59.90
The Firm: Bust & Butt
Firm up and lift your buttocks and bust line!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Cardio
Looking for a great cross training routine that workouts both you upper and lower body? The Firm: Cardio is your answer!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Cardio Sculpt Blaster
Achieve a maximum fat burning workout with this high intensity video!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Fast & Trim Calorie Killer
Anihilate calories and increase energy fast with this killer workout! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $14.95
The Firm: Fat Blaster
Get visibly slimmer and firmer fast with this high intensity workout designed to burn maximum calories.
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Firm Parts, 4-Pack
Get a complete whole body workout with this series designed to target your upper body, lower body and abs!
Our Price: $29.95
The Firm: Lower Body Split
Strengthen and shape your legs, thighs, hips and abs with this high intensity, lower body workout. Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $19.95
The Firm: New Super Set, 6 Pack
Excellent money saver includes 6 videos!
Our Price: $69.95
The Firm: Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs
Target all three of your major problem areas with this intense workout.
Our Price: $9.95
The Firm: Super Body Sculpt
3 in 1 workout to save you time!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Super Cardio
Challenge yourself and boost your results with this super cardio workout.
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Super Cardio Mix
Looking for more of a fitness challenge? Add the super cardio mix to your collection!.
Our Price: $24.95
The Firm: Super Cardio Sculpt
Don't let the name fool you? This low impact will get your heart pumping and your body moving in no time.
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Super Sculpting
Challenge yourself some more with this great all body workout routine!
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Time Crunch Workout
No time to workout? The Time Crunch Workout will give you an effective total body workout in a relatively short time.
Our Price: $14.95
The Firm: Total Body, 2 Pack
Special offer!
Our Price: $34.95
Total Body Stretching
Enjoy basic, easy to follow stretch segments that engage all the major muscles in the body!
Our Price: $19.99
The Firm: Upper Body
If your upper body's the problem, whip it into shape fast with this workout specifically designed for you.
Our Price: $9.95
The Firm: Upper Body & Standing Legs
Target all problem areas in both your upper and lower body!
Our Price: $19.95
Walk Away The Pounds Express
Get in the Express lane with Leslie Sansone's new program! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $39.95
Yoga Burn
Combines continual transition between essential yoga moves with resistance “reps.”
Our Price: $14.98
Yoga for Beginners
Essential basics of yoga for newbies!
Our Price: $14.98
Zone Pilates
Target the different area or "zones" of your body to shape and tone them! Available in DVD and VHS.
Our Price: DVD - $32.90

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