Easily Switch Lights And Appliances On or Off With Just A Clap!

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Clap-On. Clap-Off. Turn almost anything with a plug into a remotely controlled device. Just clap your hands to turn off your TV, turn on the lights, even turn on the radio!

Now you can turn off the TV without searching for the remote. Turn the lights on when you walk in the door without fumbling for the switch. Just clap your hands to activate your appliances or devices. It's easy for adults and kids!

And the Clapper is easy to install. Just plug it into any outlet. You can cotrol up to two appliances. Just clap once or twice to turn them off or on. Plus, the Clapper now includes a sensitivity dial to increase or decrease its sensitivity to your unique clap, and clap indication lights guide you through learning the proper clapping. Or you can set the Clapper to activate an appliance when it hears any sound. Not only does the Clapper make controlling your appliance as easy as CLAP-CLAP, it's also a great security device. Clapper can automatically turn on your TV, lights or a radio at the first noise it picks up to deter potential protruders.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Product includes: 1 Clapper

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