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Upgrade your order today and get the Deluxe Doggy Steps – 33% taller than the original Doggy Steps and even better for helping your smaller breed, older or injured dog get to his favorite spots! The Deluxe Doggy Steps offers your pet the same lightweight, sturdy solution with an added 4th step, making it even easier for dogs up to 70 pounds to get up and down without jumping.

And when you upgrade your original Doggy Steps to the Double Deluxe, you'll also receive the Extra Plush Sheep-Style Cover for each Doggy Step you purchase! The Extra Plush cover is softer, more durable and more comfortable for little paws. Your pet will love you for it! PLUS if you upgrade to the Extra Plush Sheep-Style Covers, you'll also receive our exclusive Doggy Steps 3-year Extended Warranty. This is a $10 value – FREE!

Give your pet the gift of freedom and give your back a break!

Product includes: 1 Original Double Deluxe Doggy Steps

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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