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Secure your home easily, without tools or an expensive alarm system!

First Alert ® Alarm attaches easily to any door or window in your home, and alerts you when the alarm has been triggered. First Alert Alarm installs easily by simply peeling the self-adhesive and securing it in place. When your security has been breached, First Alert emits a piercing ultra-decibel alarm.

With the average home having at least 16 or more windows, doors and entry points, First Alert acts a first line of defense to protect your home and family.

*Also Available When You Purchase First Alert Alarm:

  • Additional Set of 4 Alarms - As a special offer today, you can receive your second set of four Alarms absolutely FREE! You just pay a separate $6.99 to help cover the cost of shipping and handling.
  • Additional Batteries
  • Extended Warranty
  • *See Order Page for Details

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product. This is not a professionally monitored security system and is not associated with First Alert Professional Security Systems.

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  • FIRST ALERT ALARM ships in 3-6 weeks
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