The Mirror That Allows You To Put On Make-Up And Even Shave Without Having To Hold It!

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This handy, go-anywhere mirror allows to you shave, put on make-up, tweeze your eyebrows and even put in contact lenses – no hands required! Just hook the Flexi Hands-Free Mirror's flexible tube stand to anything – even hang it from your neck. You can use this in the shower, in your closet, while traveling or even in your workshop! It's easy to attach and easy to remove and move.

The Flexi Hands-Free Mirror is convenience. The secret is the amazing flexible stand that adjusts to any position and can hook to almost anything. Hang or stand it anywhere – just bend the flexible stand to adjust the mirror to the right height and angle. Best of all, this mirror goes with you anywhere and will work for just about anything. It's light and flexible. And just flip it over for 5X magnification.

The last portable mirror you'll ever need... unless you need more than one!

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