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Tired of the 9-to-5 rut, your inconsiderate boss and never meeting your potential? Fire your boss and live the life you've always dreamed of!

What would you do with a new lease on life? Start a new business? Go back to school? Write a book? Turn a great idea into a new invention? Become a chef? Invest in real estate? You can start living your dreams with free money!

Best-selling author and talk show favorite Matthew Lesko tells you how you can increase your income, meet your full potential and make more money with his book Free Money to Quit Your Job.

Best of all, everyone is eligible for these government programs that let you quit your job and start living your dreams! Billions of dollars are distributed to ordinary citizens every year! Find out where to go to take advantage of these government programs and get your share!

Free Money to Quit Your Job tells you how you can apply for 17,000 grants, low-interest loans and more so you can live a happier life, make time for family and friends, make more money and do what you always dreamed of! What are you waiting for?

Product includes: 1,145 page book.

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