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Jake does it again! The Gravity Force Trainer is perhaps Body by Jake's most well-rounded exercise machine. And when we say well-rounded, we mean it can help you tone your muscles, build your strength and even deliver an awesome cardio workout - all in one.

As with most of Jake's exercise products, you don't need a lot of time to achieve your desired results. As far as time is concerned, the magic number is only 21 - as in only 21 minutes to start toning up and slimming down using the Gravity Force.

So, you get home from work, put on your favorite half-hour show, jump on your Gravity Force Trainer... and guess what? That's right! 21 minutes later you're done!

The GravityForce Trainer's intelligent design and technology actually allows you to use your own body weight and the power of gravity to get a hard, lean body. You get the benefits of free-weight training, but without the weights. At the same time, you also get the safety and stability of a fitness machine. Kudos to Jake and his team for having thought out this exerciser so well!

Gravity Force is also easy to use. Using Body by Jake's Seven Pillars of Strength Workout, just sit, push, and pull your way to lean, healthy and sexy body.

Order Your Gravity Force Trainer right now. We Guarantee you'll get results you deserve so much so, that if you don't get the body you want, simply return it for the full purchase price. Order Now Risk Free!

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