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The standard Grease Bullet's grease and grime removing power just got better!

Grease Bullet Deluxe has more of the special enzymes that eat away grease and caked-on messes as your cookware soaks. And our deluxe product is a more concentrated version so it lasts longer, works faster, and cleans more per load. Plus its non-toxic formula is easy on your hands, too.

Say goodbye to those days of scrubbing and scraping, and hours of work cleaning pans! Scorched skillets, caked-on cookie sheets, greasy pans, and other mucky messes are no match for Grease Bullet Deluxe. Just soak for a few minutes, and the mess is gone! Your cookware will sparkle like new again with Grease Bullet Deluxe!

Buy now during this special promotion, and you'll pay just $13.99 per case (regularly retails for $17.99)!

Product includes: The Deluxe Grease Bullet (12 uses per case).

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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