In just minutes, your cookware will sparkle like new, inside and out, with no more scrubbing!

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Tired of scrubbing greasy, grimy and caked-on pans? Grease Bullet to the rescue!

Drop GreaseBullet into a sink of hot tap water and watch it go to work to remove dirt and grime! Grease Bullet's special enzymes eat away the grease as your cookware soaks, and the non-toxic Grease Bullet is easy on your hands, too.

Say goodbye to those days of scrubbing and scraping, and hours of work cleaning pans! Scorched skillets, caked-on cookie sheets, greasy pans, and other mucky messes are no match for Grease Bullet. Just soak for a few minutes, and the mess is gone! Your cookware will sparkle like new again with Grease Bullet!

Product includes: The Original Grease Bullet (12 uses per case).

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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