The Handy Tool That Helps Clean Your Gutters In A Flash!

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Finally there's a solution for cleaning your gutters that doesn't require a ladder!

The Gutter Flusher blasts gutters clean with its extendable hose that works to force dirt out in just seconds with a high-powered, jet-action spray. And with an easy-to-rotate curved nozzle that, the Gutter Flusher can spray water directly where you want it. The telescoping handle lets you get to hard-to-reach area, extending from 31" to 53". Made from a lightweight aluminum and plastic it's easy to use, and the Gutter Flusher also features and easy on/off switch.

But the Gutter Flusher's uses don't stop there! Gutter Flusher is great as a hanging basket waterer, so you can water your flowers and hanging plants with ease. And it's great for cleaning your outdoor furniture!

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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