Triple and Even Quadruple Your Closet Space With These Amazing Hangers! Your Choice of 1 or 3 Easy Payments!

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Take back valuable closet space with Huggable Hangers!

Huggable Hangers are soft, velvety hangers that are only 1/4" thick and keep clothes from slipping off. They're safe to use with your delicate items, but are strong enough to hold coats and other heavy items. More importantly Huggable Hangers help you save on precious closet space.

The gentle curves of HuggableHangers work with your clothes--not against them--to keep their shape. Your clothes will look as good as when they went on the hanger -- no pointy or misshapen shoulders that require additional ironing! Huggable Hangers are also virtually unbreakable! The perfect accessory for your closet!

Offer Includes:

  • 84 Piece Set includes 60 Huggable Hangers, (30 Suit/Slack + 30 Shirt/Dress)
  • 4 Huggable Hooks, (Velvety hook keeps clothing hanging neatly in place; wont slip off)
  • 12 Finger Clips, (Finger clips hold skirts, pants, men's slacks, shorts....even children's clothing securely in place)
  • 1 Shoebag, (Hanging shoe organizer with 8 spacious sections)
  • 1 Four-Bar Huggable Hanger (4 tiers, accommodates 4 skirts or pairs of slacks on one thin hanger - saves space!)
  • Bonus: 1 Additional Shoebag, 1 Additional Four-Bar Huggable Hanger, and 4 Dustcovers! Order Now!

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