The Easy To Manage And Easy To Store Hose That Uses Flat Fire Hose Technology!

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Are you tired of untangling your standard garden hose every time you need to use it, the kinks that stop your waterflow and struggling with storing it? HydroHose will make watering your garden a breeze!

The Super HydroHose employs the USA flat fire hose technology for a hose that's kink-resistant, flexible, lightweight and easy to manage! Its rated up to 250 PSI for high-flow spray, remains flexible even at cold temperatures and is also safe to use with drinking water.

And Super HydroHose is easy to use. Just connect the Super HydroHose with its convenient quick connectors to your faucet. The Super HydroHose is ready to go to work watering your lawn or garden, washing the car and wherever you need it! Best of all, the Super HydroHose is easy to store with the included storage reel, and also fits any standard hose reels.

Product includes:

  • Super HydroHose, 40 ft,
  • HydroHose Storage Reel
  • Set of Quick Connectors
  • High Spray Nozzle

Always read and follow manufacture's directions for proper product use.

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