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Have you ever wished you had whiter teeth but can’t afford those treatments at the dentist office that give you amazing results? It is possible to get the same results with the Klear Action Whitening Light system (r). In fact, it is the same one used in many dentist offices but the do it at home process will save you a great deal of money.

The product works using a scientific light that triggers the photo initiator in the gel. The blue wavelength light works quickly without damaging the teeth. It is able to penetrate both surface stains and those deep within the teeth.

This process means you don’t have to mess around with various types of trays that are uncomfortable to wear or strips. Both of these methods can cause your teeth and gums to become very sensitive.

Using the Klear Action Whitening Light at home, you will see an improvement to the color of your teeth that can be up to 6 shades. The FDA has approved Klear Action Whitening Light as a safe and effective tooth whitening system. We have conducted our own studies and received the same results.

Product includes:

  • Whitening Light with Activating Light and Stand
  • One 8 oz. Bottle of Pre-Conditioning Rinse with cup
  • One .34 oz. Bottle of Paint-on Whitening Gel
  • Free Bonuses! - One additional .34 oz. Bottle of Paint-on Whitening Gel, Tooth Whitening Tips Guide and Shade Guide to measure your results!

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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