Laser Precise Straight Lines Each Time - Even Around Corners!

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Tired of the measuring, leveling and mistakes that accompany hanging a simple picture frame? Try aligning multiple frames on a single wall, and you better hope all those years of math paid off! Now decorating your walls doesn't have to feel like an algebra test.

Laser Straight makes accessorizing simple! Laser Straight uses the latest refractive lens technology to let you align pictures with an easy-to-use visual indicator. Simply adhere Laser Straight to any surface, and you have a perfectly straight level up to 50 feet! Laser Straight won't leave marks, and its lightweight, compact and portable -- take it anywhere you need it!

Use Laser Straight to effortlessly install shelves, pictures, mirrors, decorative objects, towel bars and much more!

FREE stud finder with your order! Just pay $2.99 shipping and handling!

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  • Laser Straight ships in 10-15 business days (rush shipping available). Additional shipping charges may apply to products shipped outside the continental U.S.
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