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Leptoprin SF (r) is a weight loss product that has helped people become successful in their quest to lose weight! Many people enjoy using it because it doesn’t contain any stimulants as most weight loss products do. Instead is offers a unique compound that has been clinically proven to help you safely lose weight.

Leptroprin SF contains the most powerful Prostaglandin Inhibitor you can purchase without a prescription. The Prostaglandins are hormones your body produces naturally but they have a negative effect on your ability to lose weight. The inhibitors prevent these from being produced so new fat cells can‘t be formed.

Product includes: 1 bottle of Leptoprin (180 capsules).

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product. Before using this product consult your health-care provider. If your health-care provider has any questions regarding this product have him or her call: 1-800-898-5153. Results may vary.

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