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Do you toss and turn throughout the night, trying to get comfortable? Don’t waste your sleep time like that anymore. The Memory Foam Pillow offers you the latest technology for a contour pillow, and you will never use anything else again!

The Memory Foam Pillows offer a special design to give you maximum support. The Viscoelastic memory foam molds to your body weight and heat. It offers support for your neck and head as you sleep by aligning them with your spine. Throughout the night you will have continuous support if no matter if you sleep on your sides, back or stomach. This means you won’t be waking up with a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or back pain.

With your MemoryFoam Pillow you will receive a FREE standard size pillow case that is machine washable.

Cleaning and Care: Do not wash the Memory Foam Pillow. Provided Cotton pillow cover is washable. If the pillow gets wet, gently twist it to squeeze out excess water. Allow the pillow to dry in a well ventilated area until it is completely dry.

Product includes: Standard Size Memory Foam Pillow and pillow case included.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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