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Most of us use or microwave for convenience but now you can convert it into a grilling machine so that your food will taste like it was cooked outdoors on the grill?

Using the latest developments in technology, the Micro Grill works by conducting heat to special grilling plates and using the energy from your microwave. This means you get delicious foods with out the huge mess and there aren’t any cords to worry about.

Most meals can be fully cooked in less than 7 minutes! Since the microwave won’t be penetrating the food, it will come out tasting absolutely delicious instead of bland or rubbery.

The Micro Grill comes with a full 1 year warranty!

Product includes: Micro Grill with Two Baker Spacers and Cook book. BONUS! Calzone X-Press.

We can ship your Micro Grill Priority so it is one of the first orders to leave our warehouse just by electing one easy payment!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)

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