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Most oven mitts aren’t very safe when you consider how big and bulky they are. This can cause you to get burned or drop what you happen to be taking out of the oven. The best way to protect yourself is with the revolutionary Ove Glove. The flexible grip for each finger allows you to use it on either the right or the left hand. The inside features soft double knit cotton that you can clean in a washing machine. It is the perfect item to use in the kitchen, for barbequing, even when you need to change a light bulb.

The OveGlove is made from DuPont NOMEX and KEVLAR which is the same materials used by firefighters. This makes it not only a good fit for your hands but fire and heat resistant as it can hold up to temperatures of 480 degrees. While you are handling a hot item the inside of the gloves with protect your hands without catching on fire or melting.

The inner layer is made of soft double-knit cotton and is machine washable. The Ove Gloveis perfect not only for the kitchen, but also barbeque, changing a light bulb, or anywhere you need to get a sure grip on a hot object!

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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