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Pasta: You love it! Topped with red sauce, butter, cream sauce or meatballs. But you don't love the mess in the kitchen after dinner! Now you can cook pasta without spills, drain it and serve it in a single pot!

Perfect Pasta makes cooking pasta a breeze with its unique locking lid that lets you cook, drain and serve in one. When you're pasta is ready just turn the lid to lock it, drain the water and leave it in the pot. It's ready to serve! And you'll have just one pot to wash!

You can also use Perfect Pasta to whip up macaroni and cheese for the kids, brown beef for chili or prepare a delicious linguini with clam sauce. From simple to elegant, Perfect Pasta makes cooking and cleaning a snap with its durable, non-stick surface!

Product includes:

  • Perfect Pasta 6-quart Pot
  • BONUS: Perfect Pasta 2-quart Pot, Cheese Grater and Recipe Guide

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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