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A revolutionary way to groom your pet!

Pet Vac is a vacuum and grooming tool rolled into one, and it's perfect for bath time! The Pet Vac built-in brush head sends loose hair directly into the Pet Vac container while you brush, and it functions as both a wet and dry vac! Plus the PetVac connects to your regular vacuum using a long hose, so you can keep the noise of the vacuum out of the room so your pets aren't scared.

And PetVac can be used in your home, cars and more! Wet or dry, PetVac works to clean up spills using your regular vacuum. You don't have to rent expensive cleaning machines -- just use PetVac for your everyday cleanup jobs!

No more messy brushes! No more pet hair to clean up! Pet Vac makes grooming and more easier!

Pet Vac Includes:

  • 1 Long Hose complete with coupler and handgrip
  • 1 Bucket with handle
  • 1 Top Lid with Safety Filter Valve covered by a Foam Filter
  • 1 Pet Grooming Brush
  • 1 Cone Shaped Vacuum Adaptor
  • 1 Instruction Manual

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