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For anyone who continually has to readjust their pillows in order to get comfortable, you will get more support and better rest if you use a PilloRest.

The PilloRest is designed to work in a variety of positions depending on whether you're sleeping, watching TV, reading or working in bed.

The PillowRest allows you to rest on it in an Inclined Sleeping Position of up to 13 inches. That means you no longer have to pack or layer pillows beneath you in order to get comfortable.

Use the PilloRest's Full Upright Position when working on your computer or doing paperwork in bed. You can even opt for the Partial Upright Position when watching TV or reading.

Pillorest is Hypoallergenic and100% polyester-filled.

Product includes:

  • PilloRest
  • Pillow case

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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  • PILLOREST ships in 3-4 weeks. Additional shipping charges may apply to products shipped outside the continental U.S.
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