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Those little dings, dents and marks left behind from car doors, bad storms and more can ruin the look of your car. Now removing them doesn't have to mean an expensive visit to the body shop! You can remove dings and dents yourself with the same tool professionals use!

Pops A Dent removes dents and dings in just 3 easy steps with its unique patent-pending bridge and adhesive system! Just stick the adhesive, twist, and dents and dings are gone!

Pops A Dent's specially designed patent-pending adhesive system guarantees no-mess dent removal -- no sticky residue leave-behind that you may get with other systems. Pops A Dent won't damage the surface of your car!

Repairs almost any dent just about anywhere on any vehicle.

Product includes:

  • PopsADent Kit: 3 different size Dental Removal Stems to accommodate many different size dents
  • A Professional Glue Gun with enough sticks for dozens of applications
  • A Knockdown Tool
  • Complete Instructions

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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