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Men, now you can renew the appearance of fine or thinning hair! Get thicker hair without surgery, plugs or implants!

ProCede, merely an idea 9 years ago, is a ground-breaking discovery in men's hair care! The unique patent-pending formula of Procede is applied directly to your scalp to make your own, real hair thicker and fuller. And you apply ProCede just once every 90 days -- no daily regimen required!

This one-of-a-kind solution deep cleans thinning areas, and by creating an intense stimulating action on the scalp, cleans out harmful toxins that can hinder the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. Fine hair then becomes thicker as your hair grows normally (about 1/4" per month).

Restore the look of your hair with just one application every 90 days!

Product includes:

  • (1) Procede Two Part System (a $299 Value)
  • (2) 12oz Shampoo
  • (2) 12oz Conditioner
  • A Hairbrush
  • Application Video in VHS or DVD format

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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