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To remove any kind of paint or varnish including latex, stain, alkyds, and polyurethanes that are oil or water based, try Ready Strip. It is very easy to apply to almost all interior and exterior surfaces including wood, brick, plaster, metal, marble, masonry, concrete, and fiberglass.

You won’t ever use anything again as Ready Strip can easily remove five or more layers without hurting the material underneath. You can tell when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed with the simply color change feature.

A 1 gallon container of Ready Strip can cover 50 square feet or you can purchase a ½ gallon container that will cover 25 square feet.

Ready-Strip is biodegradable, non- flammable, odor free and easily cleaned up with water.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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  • READY-STRIP ships in 3-4 weeks. Additional shipping charges may apply to products shipped outside the continental U.S.
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