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Make a perfect salad quickly and easily without the mess. The Salad Xpress slices, grates and spins your vegetables for a gourmet salad in seconds. Just drop your vegetables in the Salad Xpress, press the easy on/off button and you've got a delicious salad. No cutting, chopping or slicing – the Salad Express does it all for you! And with the interchangeable stainless steel cutting discs, you can use your Salad Xpress to grate cheese, chop nuts and slice cooked meat, vegetables, hardboiled eggs, fruit and more!

The Salad Xpress includes two high-quality stainless steel slicing discs, and the safety lock lid ensures that the unit is ready to operate.

Make salad like a pro!

Product includes: Salad Xpress Unit.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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