Easily Clean Floors, Carpets and Rugs In a Single Charge! No Bags, No Mess!

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Clean your floors, rugs and carpets with ease! The new Shark Professional cordless sweeper provides 30 minutes of cleaning power with its powerful 7.2 volt rechargeable battery!

The Shark Professional Sweeper's wall-hugging technology, motorized brush-roll system and swiveling head provide exceptional cleaning, picking up dirt on multiple surfaces all over your house and letting you get into hard-to-reach areas against walls and in corners.

With a telescoping handle that can be adjusted to your desired length and cordless operation, the Shark Sweeper makes cleaning so much easier! The Unique Brush Roll system makes quick work of dirt and messes by propelling them right into the large-capacity dust tray. Best of all, the Shark Sweeper requires no bags or filters and doesn't emit dirty exhaust air!

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Product includes:

  • The SharkSweeper
  • AC Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • All orders placed with Rush will automatically be upgraded to a 2 Year Extended Warranty for FREE!

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  • Shark Sweeper ships in 10-15 business days
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