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This clock is perfect for the bird lover, bird watcher and anyone who enjoys nature! Bring nature indoors and enjoy the beautiful sounds of these song birds year-round!

The Singing Bird Clock features 12 delightful song birds that happily sing their tunes at the top of the hour. Each hour features a different bird, and the Singing Bird Clock plays authentic sounds! The clock also features a built-in light sensor which ensures that your song birds will only play during the daylight hours.

Delight your guests with this wonderful conversation piece!

Singing Bird Clock songbirds (clockwise):
12 o'clock: Red-Tailed Hawk; 1 o'clock: Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker; 2 o'clock: Indigo Bunting; 3 o'clock: Rose-Brested Grosbeak; 4 o'clock: Whip-Poor-Will; 5 o'clock: Limpkin; 6 o'clock: Commonloon; 7 o'clock: Eastern Screech-Owl; 8 o'clock: Steller's Jay; 9 o'clock: Scatlet Tanager; 10 o'clock: Eastern Towhee; 11 o'clock: Acorn Woodpecker

Product includes: Singing Bird Clock in Oak (batteries not included).

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