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It has never been easier to cut, chop, slice, dice, cube, and mince all of your favorite foods including meats, fruits, vegetables, and frozen items. The Sonic Blade makes the process quick and easy. Once you use the Sonic Blade you won’t want to use anything else ever again.

For only 3 simple payments of $33.33 each and $19.74 for shipping and handling you can purchase 2 sets of blades, a 5 in 1 blade set, and the micro slicer set blade. As a special offer, you will get a second Sonic Blade for free when you place your order today. All you will pay is the low cost of $12.95 to cover shipping and handling. You can’t beat getting two amazing Sonic Blades for the price of one!

In addition, we will send you the books Cut Like a Pro by John Paul and Fast and Fancy Cooking by Rebecca, a Sonic Food Holder, and a garlic peeler for each of the Sonic Blades all at NO Charge.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Sonic Blade for any reason you can simply return it for a full refund - No questions asked.

Product includes: 2 for 1 Sonic Blade Kit, plus John Paul's "Cut Like a Pro" and Rebecca's " Fast and Fancy Cooking" books, a Sonic Food Holder and Garlic Peeler for each Sonic Blade ordered, absolutely FREE!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)

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