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An exclusive spa experience in the comfort of your own home! Now you can pamper yourself without a costly trip to a luxury spa! Rejuvenate, exfoliate and relax!

SPIN SPA turns your shower into pamper central with its spinning brush and multiple attachments that awaken your senses and refresh your skin. Attach the microdermabrasion head to slough off dead skin cells. Use the massage head to release tension in your muscles and improve circulation -- great for those cellulite-prone areas! The mesh sponge head provides gentle exfoliation that cleans and rejuvenates skin for a healthy glow. And you also get a pumice stone and cleansing head that is great for everyday use with its soft, skin-cleaning bristles.

Just fill your SpinSpa with your favorite body wash or soap and let the spa experience begin! The Spin Spa also features a long handle that makes it easy to reach your legs and back. Your personal spa experience available anytime you want!

Product includes: The Spin Spa with 5 attachments*

  • - Microdermabrasion Head
  • - Mesh Sponge Head
  • - Massage Head
  • - Pumice Stone
  • - Cleansing Head.

*Requires no installation; three AA batteries.

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