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Now you can transform even the most dry and damaged hair without an expensive visit to the salon!

The Revostyler Talavera Split Ender snips away the damaged, split ends safely and effectively to give your hair a renewed sheen -- and smoothness like never before!

The special "Snip the Tip™" System trims just the ends and broken hair fragments along the individual hair shaft, and it works with any hair length -- layers or not! Trimming approximately just the bottom 1/8" of the hair follicle, the Split Ender is able to remove just your split ends that can cause your hair to look drab, dreary and frizzy.

SplitEnder can transform even the most damaged hair without changing the look of your existing hair cut! It's amazing! Hair will look freshly trimmed and beautiful. And since you're left with healthy, trimmed hair, it will be even more resistant to further splitting and fraying!

Product includes: SplitEnder Unit (batteries not included). Requires 4 AA Type L Batteries.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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