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Learn how you can relieve pain with Dr. Schmitt's alternative methods for treating and controlling pain with the STOP PAIN NOW! system!

The STOP PAIN NOW! system was developed by doctors based on the principals of acupuncture therapy, modern neurosciences and years of clinical study. This system explains how you can experience almost immediate pain control and relief -- rapidly! And the results are typically long-lasting through repeated use of the techniques.

Learn Dr. Schmitt's 4 easy-to-learn techniques for instant pain relief using acupressure tapping points: Emotional Stress Reduction Technique, LQM, Immediate Pain Relief and Touch and Tap.

You'll receive the revolutionary Stop Pain Now book plus the DVD Video Tutorial, the Stop Pain Now CD ROM and more! Included are PAIN LOCATOR CHARTS which identify 8 ACUPRESSURE TAPPING POINTS on the face. You'll also learn how dietary fats and undetected allergies can cause or aggravate pain.

Product includes:

  • - The revolutionary Stop Pain Now Book
  • - DVD Video Tutorial
  • - 2 Hour Audio CD
  • - 2-Hour Audio Cassette
  • - Stop Pain Now CD ROM (PC)
  • - Pocket Reference Guide

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