The Lids That Stretch To Fit Most of Your Bowls or Containers!

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Now you'll never search for a storage lid again! And forget about those clingy plastic wraps that get tangled before you can seal your container!

Stretch Lids are reusable and literally stretch to fit almost any storage container. Plus Stretch Lids provide a tight seal that locks in freshness so those leftovers will taste just a good the second time! You'll always have a lid for almost any shape, too. Stretch Lids will fit on your rectangular, square, round and even oval containers.

Made of extremely flexible silicone material, Stretch Lids stretch but don't lose their shape and are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Stretch Lids come in a 2-pack or 6-pack that includes both small and large sizes. The 2-pack comes with (1) 5" lid (stretches up to 7") and (1) 7" lid (stretches up to 9"). The 6-pack comes with (3) 5" lids and (3) 7" lids.

Keep all of your storage containers even when the lids are missing!

Choose from a 2-pack or 6-pack:

Stretch Lids 2-Pack: (1) 5" lid (stretches up to 7") and (1) 7" lid (stretches up to 9")

Stretch Lids 6-Pack: (3) 5" lids (stretches up to 7") and (3) 7" lids (stretches up to 9")

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