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When it comes to looking younger do your hands give you away? Now with StriVectin-HC Hand Cream you can turn back the hands of time and improve the appearance of yours.

The texture of the skin on the back of your hands is not the same as the skin on your face, it's thicker, tougher and looser, and it needs individualized attention. Klein-Becker may not be the first to notice this, but they seem to be the first doing something about it. And the success of StriVectin™-HC Ultra-Concentrate Cream For The Hands™, the most sought-after hand cream on the market today, is proof of it.

StriVectin-HC is more than a moisturizer. This “hand-specific” formula reduces the appearance of thin, veiny, parchment-like skin on the back of the hands, visibly improves the appearance of age spots and unsightly discolorations and restores the appearance of youthful texture, tone and firmness. It also protects the hands from additional environmental damage and dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging.

Don't let your hands give away your age – keep them guessing!

StriVectin-HC Ultra-Concentrate Cream For The Hands is the ultimate in comprehensive hand care.

Product includes: One 3.25 oz. Tube of Strivectin™- HC

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