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Remove hair at the root painlessly while you soften your skin! You can remove unwanted hair now without painful procedures and costly spa visits!

Sweet Simplicity gets to the root of unwanted hair, gently removing it at the root so you're left with perfectly smooth skin without stubble. With Sweet Simplicity your hair won't grow back for 3-4 weeks. Hair grows back softer and thinner each time. And there's no need to grow your hair to embarrassing lengths like waxing requires.

The Sweet Simplicity Body Smoothing salon treatment includes everything you need to remove unwanted hair gently in just one application. Simply use the included buffer to prep your skin, use the included applicator sticks to smooth the all-natural brulee on your unwanted hair, smooth on the reusable string to gently remove hair and reveal silky smooth skin. Apply the Sweet Simplicity Polisher to soothe and nourish your skin.

Smooth, touchable skin in just a few simple steps!

Product includes Sweet Simplicity Kit:

  • - One 8 oz. Brulee with new low temp formula
  • - One 7oz. Buffer now enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • - One 4 oz. Polisher enriched with grape seed extract Vitamin D & E
  • - 8 large 3"x9" epilating strips (for legs, underarms or back)
  • - 8 small 3"x1" epilating strips (for facial areas, thighs and other smaller areas)
  • - One large 5 3/4" spatula, and One small 3 1/4" tapered spatula.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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