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Are you ready to have the perfect, sculpted body you've dreamed of? Looking for a workout that reshapes your entire body and puts you in control of your workout? Ready to say goodbye to those problem areas?

The Firm: Lower Body Split, part of the Cross Trainers series, is a total-body sculpting workout that combines weights and cardio to build a sculpted lower body and a strong core with a complete abdominal workout. Pam Cauthen, Carissa Foster, Tracie Long, Heidi Tanner, Tamela Hastie, Lisa Kay, and Dale Brabham lead you through this powerful, heavy-weight workout that shapes your quads, abductors and adductors, glutes and hamstrings--sculpted, sexy hips, thighs and buns!

Say goodbye to your problem areas as you lift, sculpt and reshape your body! Don't be afraid to show off your all-over firm--tight buns, toned legs and sexy abs!

Product includes:

- The Firm: Lower Body Split video (69 minutes)

Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program or taking any nutritional supplement. NOTE: Items that have been opened or damaged may not be returned.

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