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Take your walk aerobics to the next level to build uppper body muscles while you walk! Now you can walk off the pounds and tone your arms and shoulders for the body you've always wanted!

The Walk and Tone Belt will comfortably add resistance to your walking aerobic workouts. Leslie Sansone's Walk and Tone Belt is designed for comfort and effect and is a proven method of increasing your upper body muscles. Plus it enhances your walking to increase your total calories burned.

You can use it with your Walk Aerobics videos or take it with you on an outdoor walk. The belt is durable, too, with comfortable and duarable nylon weave waistband, velcro attachments and heavy duty synthetic rubber straps.

It's easy use and makes it easy for you to tone your upper body while you walk!

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product. NOTE: Items that have been opened or damaged may not be returned.

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