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Hasta la vista weeds--the Weed Thrasher is here! The all-steel construction and monster cutters of this ultimate upgrade for your gas-powered trimmer will wipe out the toughest of weeds. No more spools to fumble with and twisted line. These steel cutters are easily installed and can tackle the toughest of jobs.

Without a doubt this is the must-have upgrade this year for your trimmer--it is the best trimming system on the market today.

And the WEED THRASHER is so easy to install and use you'll see time savings the first time you use it!

Kit includes:

  • Weed Thrasher Head
  • Mounting hardware and 12 cutters
  • User guide and safety instructions.
  • NOTE: For gas powered trimmers only!

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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  • WEED THRASHER ships in 2-4 weeks
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