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Are you looking for that edge that the professionals have? A lure that you can use for jigging, casting and trolling? Now you can have the lure that is a favorite of professional fishers and guides.

The Zip Lure™ is perfect for fishing any game in any season. The secret is its unique vibrating action that makes it excellent choice for casting, jigging and trolling. The quality construction of this lure starts with its quality head centrifugally cast on a stainles steel blade finished with razor sharp hooks. You can count on this lure to perform cast after cast.

Depending on your needs, the lure comes in assorted colors and sizes. The Zip Lure™ has been featured frequently on the "John Gillespie's Waters and Woods" show and has appeared numerous times in the Walleye Insider and In-Fisherman magazines.

This kit includes 11 Zip Lures™ - 3 Black Shad Zips, 3 Chartreuse Zips, 1 Fire Tiger, 3 Ultra-Glo Zips for Night Fishing, 1 Tournament Winning Will-O-Cat lure. Plus you get a heavy-duty carrying case and a custom embroidered hat.

Also includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • Zip Light to Charge Your Ultra-Glo Zips
  • Custom Embroidered Hat.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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