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Is your sweet tooth or appetite standing in the way of your fitness goals? You've tried saying no to that last slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream, but you still feel hungry. You need a way to stop your cravings in their tracks.

Zotrin® helps you take control of your appetite. Take Zotrin about 15 minutes before each of your main meals, and you'll eat less and still feel full. Finally, you'll be able to skip dessert and feel good about it! Plus, Zotrin's proprietary blend of ingredients help to increase energy levels, so you'll feel better and have plenty of energy for excercising.

Unlike ephedrine-based fat burning products that can adversely affect your prostate function and cause other unwanted side-effects like decreased sexual performance, Zotrin works by delaying gastric emptying, helping you to feel full and eat smaller portions. Free yourself from your sweet tooth, overeating, midnight snacking and other unhealthy eating habits. Zotrin helps to put you in control of your diet.

Product includes: (1) bottle of 120 capsules (a full 30 day supply).

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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